Special Needs

Special Needs Music Academy offers a unique, purpose-driven, well-rounded program for all students particularly those who fall into the spectrum with mild to moderate forms of those with special needs and learning disabilities.

It was developed due to the demand for children who require extra nurturing and support to assist their specific learning style and is designed to creatively align the brain more effectively using MUSIC as its main subject. It encourages teacher and student interaction and recognizes the uniqueness of each child’s ability, learning pace and potential, with passion and purpose.

We believe that each child has been blessed with a measure of musical aptitude and we aim to bring out those special qualities with patience, enabling them to reach their full potential thus building confidence within given spheres of musicianship.

We have many years of music teaching experience and enjoyed many wonderful successes with informal evaluations.

We welcome all children from age 5years.  Our classes are on a one-on-one or shared basis where applicable. 
Should you wish to enquire further, please do not hesitate to contact me accordingly.